How to Change Key/Pitch, Volume and Speed of a MP3 Song

How to Change Key/Pitch, Volume and Speed of a MP3 Song

If you have an mp3 file that does not satisfy you in terms of its KEY (or PITCH), volume (too low or too high) or speed (tempo), you can use Kanto Audio Editor to edit it and adapt it to your needs!

We have already seen in a previous article how to change the key of a mid or kar song, below we will see how to change Key, Pitch, Volume and Speed of a MP3 Song

Firstly download and install Kanto Audio Editor from the following link:

Download Now (9MB)


Kanto Audio Editor is very simple to use and its interface is very user-friendly. Here are the detailed steps to follow to edit your mp3 songs and change some audio parameters like KEY (pitch), VOLUME and SPEED (Tempo).The output audio quality will be the same of the source!

Step 1. Open Kanto Audio Editor

After the installation, run the software and you’ll see this window:


Step 2. Open the MP3 to edit

Click on top right on BROWSE to select the mp3 file to edit.

Passo 3. Change key, volume and speed of yout mp3 song

Click on top left to adjust the mp3 parameters like KEY/PITCH, TEMPO and VOLUME.

cambiare tonalità mp3 k5

After adjusting the mp3 parameters click on “PLAY PREVIEW” to hear the new audio file before saving it.

Step 4. Set the output folder and save the new mp3 file

Click on Change button to set a output folder (where the new mp3 file will be saved). Finally click on SAVE AS NEW FILE and Kanto Audio Editor will generate the new MP3 file with the new Key, Tempo and Volume you set.

If you have a video file (Avi, MP4, MOV..) you can use Video Mix software to change Key/Pitch, Volume and Speed of video



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