How to Make a Lyric Video for YouTube

How to Make a Lyric Video for YouTube

What is a “Lyric Video”?

It is a video file that displays the lyrics to a song as the music plays. With a Lyric Video you can share the words of your favorite song with friends on YouTube or on another video sharing website.

How to make a lyric video?

It’s very easy to make a lyric video with KANTO SYNCRO (it’s one of the best app to create karaoke video from MP3). Here are the steps to follow to create a great lyric video for youtube!

Step 1. You need to find/download the music file (in mp3 format) and copy the lyrics of the song into a txt file

Step 2. Download and install KANTO SYNCRO on your PC


Click on FREE TRIAL button to use the demo version (will create first 60 sec of the video).

Step 3. Load the mp3 and the lyrics in Kanto Syncro

From the left click “Browse Song” to load the mp3 file of the song. On the right click Load Lyrics From File to load lyrics from the txt file saved before.

Step 3. Start the Syncro

Click “Start Syncro” to start the sinchronization of lyrics with the song. The program will play the mp3 file and you will have to click on SET button to synchronize each words with the song.

Step 4. View Preview

At the end of the synchronization click on PREVIEW to see the result

Step 5. Choose output format

If the preview is OK click the button “FINISH AND SAVE” and then choose “AVI” or “MP4” as output format

Step 6. Choose the name and the output folder

Step 7. Save the video

During the saving of the video you will see this screenshot:

At the end it will appear a message like this: Process Completed Successfully

That’s ALL!


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