In this page you can find the frequently questions we receive from clients.

> What is the difference from Trial version and Full Version?

The Trial version is completely free to use. The limitations of Trial version is the duration of the conversion (max 60 seconds)

When you purchase the license the above limitation will be removed.

> What happens after the purchase?

When you complete the payment you will receive automatically an email with the license code to unlock the program.

> When I try to register the program I have the error “invalid registration data” or “can’t retrieve registration data”, why?

Be sure to insert correctly the registration data and type email and code without adding spaces. Be also sure to be connected in internet, it is required for the first registration.

If you have a license purchased more than 3 years ago and/or the license has been used on multiple computers, it will be necessary to renew it by purchasing a new program license.

> My program results “Unregistered” but I’ve already registered it in the past

Probably this happens after an upgrade or after you have inadvertently deleted the file “settings.dat” from the “Documents” folder. In that case, you can register again the program with the same registration data (email and code) received after purchase. If it fails try to temporarily disable your antivirus.
After the registration, the program will work Online and Offline (without  internet connection). If you’re still having problems, please contact us for support.

> Can I ask for a refund?

Please try the software before purchasing it!! And read our refund policies in Terms&Conditions

> Program updates are free?

The program updates are free for 3 years. After 3 years you can renew the license at a discounted price.

> Kanto Syncro / Kanto Video Creator can’t save in MP4/AVI. Why?

If you are trying to save your file in MP4/AVI and see these errors:

“Can’t open output file”  or  “can’t start the encoding 2” or “Access violation in module xVideo_TSMuxer,dll.”

You have to set a different output folder.  In OPTION/SETTINGS window, try to set a different output folder,  like C:\

How long does a license last?

The license lasts for 3 years and can be activated on two PCs.