How to add Fade In and Fade out effect to MP3

How to add Fade In and Fade out effect to MP3

We already describe how to cut mp3 with fade in/out effect to create a perfect ringtone for your smartphone or a background music for your video or website. Fade Out is that audio effect that changes audio level over time falling gradually to silence. Instead, Fade in is the gradual increase or decrease in the level of an audio signal. Thanks to Fade in and Fade out effect you will be able to merge several audio tracks without audio gaps and without abrupt transitions between them.

Kanto Audio Mix is one of the best software to add fade in and fade out effect to MP3 songs. It is very simple to use. Here is the guide with the steps to follow.

Guide: How to add Fade In and Fade out effect to MP3

Step 1. Download, install and open Kanto Audio Mix in your PC

Click the button below to download the free trial version for Windows:


This is the main screen you will see after installed Kanto Audio mix:


Step 2. Import Mp3 songs

Drag and drop your MP3 file in Kanto Audio Mix. For each track you will see a graph with waveform:


Step 3. Add Fade in/Fade out and Crossfade effect to mp3

Below the wave form of the audio track select the box “Enable Crossfade” and then choose the time (in milliseconds) for “Fade In” effect and for “Fade out” effect. The fade in will increase the silence at the beginning of the mp3; the “Fade out” will reduce the volume to silence at the end. You may preview the result by clicking on the “Play” button on the right.

cut mp3

Once you set the desired Fade in and Fade out effect and the prelisten is OK you can export the edited mp3 clicking on the button “Export and save song”. You can also save the song in ogg, aac, m4r format.

If you don’t use MP3 files but video file (like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc…) we suggest you to read this guide: how to add fade in/fade out effect to video files

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