How to Change Instruments for a Midi File

How to Change Instruments for a Midi File

With Kanto Audio Editor it’s very simple change instrument for a Midi File. We already explained how to use this program to remove an unwanted midi track. In this post we want to show how to change instruments in a midi file. Firstly download the free demo version of Kanto Audio Editor from the following link:

Scarica Ora (9MB)

Once downloaded, install it on your PC (supports WIndows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP).

How to Change Instruments for a Midi File

Step 1. Run Kanto Audio Editor

This is the main window you will see after installing the program:


Passo 2. Select the MIDI (or Kar file) to Edit

Click on BROWSE button to select from your PC the midi/kar file.


Passo 3. Change the unwanted instruments

After importing the midi file, select MIDI as “Output Type“. This will allow you to create a new midi file in the output.

To change the instruments for the midi click on MIDI TRACKS AND INSTRUMENTS. It will open this window:


Here you can change the instruments: in the “New Instrument” column you will be able to select the new instrument that will replace the unwanted one.

Once done click OK and then on “Play Preview” to listen the new midi file.

NB: If you want to totally remove a midi track, click on MIDI CHANNEL CONFIG and then uncheck the unwanted tracks.


Step 4. Save the new midi file

Click on SAVE AS NEW FILE to create a new midi file and save it on your PC.


  1. can you change instrument while the midi file is playing to hear an immediate result?

    • No, it is not possible. You can only click on Play Preview to hear the midi before saving it.

  2. I have Vanboscos Karaoke Player

    IT has modi..mid..& Kat. Files…it shows a MIDI 16 channel midi board

    Each song has instruments asigned each chanel

    My questions
    1-how can I change each instrument to my choice?

    2- The lap top has no midi outs? ONLY usb…
    3- I want to connect my lap top to my MOTIF RACK WE and use the MOTIF for onstruments..

    Can you help ??
    I been working on it for a while..


    • Use a midi cable from the Motif to your laptop

  3. What if i have created a MIDI file in Ableton Live 10 Lite, but there is only one instrument? How can i assign different notes to different instruments? If i cant, i will have every instrument a piano forever. And I dont want a remake of “Piano Drums” from earlier.

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