How to Convert Karaoke DVD to MP4 or AVI

How to Convert Karaoke DVD to MP4 or AVI

Do you have some Karaoke DVD (karaoke CD+G disks)? Would you like to know how to convert your Karaoke DVD to MP4 or AVI? In this article we will show you a fast and simple way to convert CDG disk to Video files. In this way you will be able to play your favourites karaoke songs on any device, instead of those clunky and antiquated CDG disc players.

To convert Karaoke DVD to MP4 or AVI you need to follow two main steps:

  1. Rip the Karaoke DVD to save songs on your PC in MP3+CDG format
  2. Convert MP3+CDG files to MP4 or AVI files

#1. Rip Karaoke DVD to mp3+cdg files

There are two software that can be used on your PC Windows to extract karaoke songs from your DVD. We are speaking about AudioGrabber and Free CDGRip.

We suggest to use Free CdgRip because it is very simple to use. Just download and install and then it automatically will retrieve your Karaoke DVD and allow you to select and extract files on your PC (in mp3+cdg format)

Be sure to select a destination folder and to rip all karaoke songs in mp3+cdg format!!

#2. Convert mp3+cdg to MP4 or AVI

Now we can see the second step: convert mp3+cdg to video file (avi or mp4). Thanks to Kanto Karaoke Video Creator you will be able to transform your mp3+cdg files to video file. Just follow this detailed guide:

How to convert CDG to Video Karaoke

You can choose to obtain MP4 or AVI file.

NB: To have the best output video and sound quality we suggest to select AVI as output video format and WAV as audio encoder.





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  1. I am considering purchasing your Professional version to convert a few karaoke cdgs to our laptop computer that we use for karaoke.
    Is there a way to download the program on my desktop computer, save it on an external drive then transfer it to the laptop at a location where internet is not available?

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