How to Convert KFN to MP3 (lyrics preserved)

How to Convert KFN to MP3 (lyrics preserved)

Karafun is a popular karaoke player software that with its “editor” edition allows people to create backing tracks in KFN format. Within the KFN file there are different files: audio file, the lyrics (text) and sometimes also video and images. To open and play KFN, you can use Karafun or Kanto Karaoke, a player compatible with a lot of karaoke formats.

If you have some KFN songs and are looking for a way to convert them to MP3 format, in this article we report a simple way to convert KFN to MP3, keeping unchanged the synchronized text and allowing also for adjusting key, volume or song speed.

The software to use is Kanto Audio EditorYou can download the free demo version from this link:

Scarica Ora (9MB)


After installing, open this “KFN to MP3 Converter”. You will see this window:


Step 1. Browse the KFN file that you want to convert to MP3

Click on top right on BROWSE button to select the KFN (karafun) file you want to convert to mp3 format.

Step 2. Adjust key, volume and speed (Optional)

Before starting the KFN to MP3 conversion you can adjust some audio parameters like key, volume and speed.


The box “Preserve lyrics”, if selected, allows you to have lyrics embedded in the output mp3 file too.

Click on “PLAY PREVIEW” button to listen the song before the KFN to MP3 conversion.

Step 3. Start KFN to MP3 Conversion

Choose the output folder and the output mp3 file name. Finally click on “Save As New File” to start the kfn to mp3 conversion and generate the new mp3 file.

As you can see it is very simple to convert kfn to mp3 with Kanto Audio Editor. You have to follow similar steps also to convert MIDI to MP3.



  1. I want to create karaoke medleys. I DONT WANT the entire song….some songs I may only want the bridge and other song only the intro or the ending…meaning I would have to establish and entry and exit point for each song with a cross fade.
    Can it end up as playable MP4 video file?
    Thank you for your input and some possible sales
    Baltimore MD USA

    • Sorry, at the moment the software does not allow to cut and merge pieces of songs. It allows to merge entire songs as they are, or convert them to other formats.

  2. I want to convert KFN to MP3+G, keeping unchanged the synchronized text,
    can I do that whit this editor.

    • You can convert KFN to MP3 Karaoke (with lyrics already synchhronized) and playable with Kanto Karaoke Player (
      Try to do some conversion from KFN to MP3 and then play the mp3 with Kanto Player to see also lyrics.

  3. I tried the trial version, but it failed as it asked for registration code…can you help

  4. Can this software “batch” convert an entire folder of KFN songs to MP3+G .. or do songs have to be converted one by one?

    • It support batch conversion too

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