How to convert MIDI or KAR to Video Karaoke

How to convert MIDI or KAR to Video Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke Video Creator allows you to easily create video karaoke from any midi/karaoke file.

MIDI and KAR files are ideally suited for karaoke: they do not contain vocals, and they can be easily found on the Web. And a lot of them contain synchronized lyrics. The most common file extension for MIDI Karaoke files is KAR, but many MID files also contain lyrics.

You can find a lot of free MIDI and KAR files from the Vanbasco Search Site.

Karaoke Video Creator allows to convert MIDI and KAR into karaoke videos (in MP4, MKV, MPG, AVI, M2TS format).

To convert MIDI or KAR to Video Karaoke, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Video Karaoke on your PC

Click below to download the free trial version of Kanto Video Karaoke Creator

Download Karaoke Video Creator


The trial version will allow you to convert the first 60 sec of your midi/kar files to video.


Step 2. Import the midi/kar and choose the video output format

Click on “Browse” to add the midi or kar files that you want to convert in video karaoke.

From the “output format” field choose the output video format (MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, or M2TS). MP4 is the default output format.  If you click on the right, on OPTIONS button, you will also be able to choose video quality (resolution), frame per seconds, video/audio encoder. For MP4 files, you will find AVC and AAC encoding (the second one is optimized for Apple Mac Os device)

You can also change font settings: font type, colors, and decide to have in output a compressed video (smaller video size).

Step 3. Set Background Image (optional)

Before the midi/kar to video conversion, you can also set an image as background. Click on “Browse” (on the right of the Background Image field) and choose the image desired. The image will be immediately displayed in the preview window on the right

Step 4. Start midi/kar to video conversion

Choose the output folder, the output filename and finally click on START button. You will see the conversion progress at the bottom of the program.

Once finished, you can open the output folder and check the video karaoke. You can open the video karaoke files with VLC, Windows Media Player, Quick Time or with Kanto Karaoke Player, the best multimedia player designed for karaoke lovers. It allow you to create playlist, open video on dual monitor, mix video karaoke songs, etc…

Tip: Kanto Karaoke Video Creator uses internal soundfonts to convert MID/KAR files to Video Karaoke. The output audio will be better than the original mid/kar file because the soundfonts will add “mp3” sound to the audio track. You can change the soundfonts clicking on the top menu “Options”:



  1. I use this Version, but 2 things I would recommend to change,

    1. Do not change size of letters
    2. Skin should be used more flexible, e.g. a number of following pictures or better binding to a video file

  2. Hi
    I tryed output files on TV set USB.
    TV player read all.
    I am very glad.

    Thank you so mutch!

  3. I started to download your Creator when I realized my CD player won’t play or burn CD+G discs. I do have a karaoke player though. Any suggestions on an external CDG player/burner. I’ve created all of my .kar files on Win 98 BandinaBox but I have a Vista laptop and a Win 10 desktop. I contacted PGMusic and they had no answers. I’ve been waiting to install bb 2018 on Win 10 until I can solve this problem. Sincerely, Donnell

  4. In the image of step 2 you can see that the input file is a .kar file (Hey Jude) and the output format is MP4. Well, I have downloaded the trial version of Karaoke Video Creator and it doesn’t do the job. The resulting file was an MP4 file containing only audio and no synchronized text. Did I miss a step? I followed the instructions on this page. Will have to go on searching for the real deal.

    • Are you sure your source file (mid or kar) has lyrics?
      Please send us your mid/kar file to and we will check.

  5. I want to d/l karaoke songs from Youtube and put them on CD’s to play in a karaoke machine. Will this program do that and if so, How can I try making one to see if it works?

  6. CONVERT KAR FILES TO VIDEO FILE: All the export video & audio formats with any soundfont, generates a video file with MONO audio. Can I manage this option to get a STEREO video file?

    • From Settings try to set AVI as output format and WAV as audio encoder. The output will be with stereo.

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