How to easily create Lyric tracks for XLights software

How to easily create Lyric tracks for XLights software

Kanto Syncro can be used for a different purpose, XLights – holiday lighting software that uses lyric timing tracks.   Kanto Syncro is able to save the output file into an “audacity” like .txt file that has the start times of a word and the word on each line

Creating Lyric tracks is not a fun process in the XLights software manually, so now Kanto Syncro will help you in this task!

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Syncro

Run Kanto Syncro and you’ll see this:


Click on FREE TRIAL to go on with the trial version. The trial version allows you to synchronize the first 60 sec of the song.

Step 2. Import Audio Track and Lyrics File

After clicking on FREE TRIAL button, you will see this new window:


Click in the center of the screen to load the audio file (mp3, mid or kar) that you want to synchronize with lyrics. Or you can click on the button at the bottom right “Go to the main screen“.

In both cases you’ll see the main screen of the software:


If you have not set the audio file before, you can do it from this main screen by clicking on the top left BROWSE SONG. Once imported the audio track you’ll see its waveform below.

To load the lyrics you have two possibilities:
1. Click at the top right of “Load from Text File” to load lyrics from a txt file or
2. Copy and paste the lyrics directly into the editor by clicking on “Copy & Paste

After importing the lyrics you’ll see the words in the program. Now everything is ready to go on with the synchronization!

Spet 3. Synchronize Lyrics with the Song

To start the synchronization click on START SYNCRO button on the left.
The program will play the song and you have to click on SET button to synchronize each word with the song. Kanto Syncro will highlight in yellow the word when you click on SET (as you can see from the image below):


SET Shortcut Key= F1  (instead of clicking SET with the mouse, you can conveniently use the F1 keyboard key)

In addition to the SET button, this software offer other featurs to apply during and after synchronization. Here are the details:
INSTRUMENTAL: You can press this button when there is a break (instrumental) in the song and it lets you to bring up the karaoke text “Instrumental” as long as it starts again with the vocals. This button has effect on the output video only.
UNDO: clicking on UNDO you can undo the last click, and so correct the mistake committed
RESTORE TO INITIAL: This button is activated when you click STOP SYNCRO and allows you to repeat again the synchronization
PREVIEW: it allows you to preview the synchronized karaoke file
Tempo: Above is the TEMPO indicator that allows you to slow down or speed up the song during synchronization.

Step 4. Export the synchronized song with lyrics

After synchronization you can proceed exporting you karaoke files by clicking the FINISH & SAVE button.
You’ll see this window:

You will be able to choose from:

  1. MP3 format (with synchronized lytics and playable with Kanto Karaoke Player software)
  2. MP4 Video format
  3. AVI Video format (high video/audio quality but higher size)
  4. Save Lyric Tracks

Click on SAVE LYRICS TRACKS button and choose the path and name of the file to save.

The file content has 2 columns:  Timing (in milliseconds) and Word separated by the symbol |

See example below:







You can easily import this file in Excel and you can made all changes you want.




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