How to cut mp3 or midi file with fade-in/fade-out

How to cut mp3 or midi file with fade-in/fade-out

Do you have midi-karaoke song or mp3 file that you want to cut, maybe to extract only the part of the chorus, or remove an unwanted part (silence) of the midi/mp3 file? Or do you want to cut a mp3 to obtain a custom ringtone for your mobile phone?

Regardless of the reasons that are leading you to find a program to cut MIDI / MP3 files, our tool KANTO AUDIO MIX is definitely the place for you! Thanks to Kanto Audio Mix, you can easily cut midi and mp3 files and then join them individually or export the audio segment.

Guide: How to cut mp3 or midi file with Kanto Audio Mix

Step 1. Download, install and open Kanto Audio Mix in your PC

Click the download button (free trial):


Install and open the program, this is the  main window of Kanto Audio Mix:


Step 2. Import MIDI or MP3 file to cut

Drag and drop your file MIDI or MP3 in the main window of the program. For each track you will see the wave sound graph:



Step 3. Cut midi /mp3 song and export the new segment

Under each midi / mp3 audio track imported, thanks to the sliders in the left and right you can easily select the part of the file to be cut. You will be able in this way to remove unwanted parts, or the initial/final parts of silence.

cut mp3


Note: You can also set the duration (in milliseconds) of fade in / out effects. Default values are 1500 ms. 

Once you selected the segment to cut, click “Play” to preview and if everything is OK you can proceed with the export by clicking on the button “Export and save song”

The new audio file can be saved in several formats: mp3 or ogg, aac, m4r, etc. …


  1. How to remove the guy that talks about the this is a demo while the song is playing?

    • You need to purchase the license of the software to remove that voice

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