How to convert CDG to Video Karaoke

How to convert CDG to Video Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke Video Creator allows you to easily create video karaoke from your MP3+CDG Karaoke files!

What is MP3+CDG file?

MP3+CDG (named also MP3+G) is a karaoke file format that was created to allow CD+G karaoke disk to be played from a PC easily and quickly. MP3+G is the combination of the MP3 audio file and a raw CDG file which contains the song’s lyrics.

cdg2videoWhy Convert MP3+CDG to Video?

The main raison is that video karaoke can be played on all mobile devices and on Smart TV. You do not need to install other software to play video files.

How to rip karaoke songs from CD+G disc?

If you have CD+G disc, you can easly rip the mp3+g files from it using a free software like CDGRip. Here are the few steps to follow to extract mp3+cdg songs from a CDG disk using this free utility:

STEP 1. Click Here to download CDGRip. Then install and open the tool.

STEP 2. Open CDGRip and it will automatically read the CDG disc (if it is already inserted in the CD player of your computer).You will see all tracks in the list.

STEP 3. Click on TAG ALL button to select all tracks and select the Destination Folder. Then click on GO (green button). It will open a window where you can type a word like “SONG” and finally click OK. The software will begin to rip all mp3+g songs from the disk and saving them to the destination folder you set before.

You have now to wait 4-5 minutes.

Once all tracks will be extracted from the CDG disc, you will have two files for each song: a CDG file (Lyrics) and a MP3 file (audio).

How to convert MP3+CDG (MP3+G) to Video Karaoke?

If you want to convert these mp3+cdg files to AVI, MP4, or any other video format, you can use Kanto Karaoke Video Creator.

To convert MP3+CDG to Video Karaoke, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Video Karaoke on your PC

Download the free trial version of Kanto Video Karaoke Creator:

Download Karaoke Video Creator

New:  The program support batch conversion and also “cdg+wav” and “cdg+ogg” to video conversion
The trial version will allow you to convert the first 60 sec of your mp3+g files to video. To remove this limitation purchase the license.

Step 2. Import the CDG or MP3 file and choose the video output format

Click on “Browse” to add the mp3 or cdg file that you want to convert in video karaoke. Be sure that both mp3 and cdg files are in the SAME folder on your PC (and not on external disk). The program automatically matches the mp3 and the cdg file.

Then choose the output video format (MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, or M2TS). MP4 is the default output format and it is the best format if you want play karaoke video on your tablet or smartphone too.  If you click the OPTIONS button you will see the window below. Here you can choose the video quality (resolution), frame rate, video/audio encoder:

Before the conversion, be sure to select the correct Video Encoder: go to the menu OPTIONS>VIDEO SETTINGS and select the video encoder (H.264/MPEG AAC is the codec supported  by MAC and Apple devices!), see image below:


Step 3. Set Background Image (optional)

Before the CDG to video conversion, you can add an image as background. Click on “Browse” to select the image from your PC. The image will be displayed on the right.

Step 4. Start mp3+cdg to video conversion

Choose the output folder, the output filename and finally click the START button.

When the conversion finished, you will have video files in the output folder. Now you can open them with VLC, Windows Media Player, Quick Time or with Kanto Karaoke Player, the best multimedia player designed for karaoke lovers. It allow you to create playlist, open video on dual monitor, mix video karaoke songs, etc…


  1. Very powerful program!
    I converted all my cdg file to video and now I can play them on my mobile devices or TV 🙂

    • I converted my cdg’s to video. How do I get them on my mobile devices and Smart TV?

  2. Can this system be used to do a bunch of files at once or only individually?

    • Professional version support batch conversion

    • Can this system be used edit songs and make 3 different songs into a mp 3 G song Medley?..

  3. Wow Awsome program wish I would have had this program years ago love the fact I can use my own photo’s as a background keep up the good work

  4. How can you convert a CDG to MP4 without losing its original background? i.e, no background?

    • MP4 is a video format that preserves and “captures” the CDG background.

      • Which background should I use as program will not convert if left blank. With a background, I lose the background yellows and blues on the Sunfly and Legend tracks I have converted

  5. I have my files on my computer. They are separated as a CDG and a MP3 file which is in a folder for each song. If I upload the CDG file into this program how will it pull the audio? I would have thought there would be an input for both the MP3 AND the CDG to make a video file. Please explain. Thanks.

    • The software automatically matches the file CDG to the MP3. So you have to upload the cdg file or mp3 file only in the program.
      The important thing is that both cdg and mp3 files are in the same folder on your PC (and not on external disk).

  6. does this software convert the other way as well, to make MP4’s to CDG’s

    • No.. it only convert audio files (mp3, mid, kar, mp3+cdg) to video MP4 or AVI

  7. After converting cdg+mp3 files into mp4 files I have on the mp4 files only one audio channel left. So the stereo is gone. What went wrong?

    • To preserve stereo, select AVI as output format and then clic to Options (besides output format) to select WAV as audio encoder

      • But, if my Singing Machine Fiesta Plus requires MP4 format, then I cannot use AVI as Output format, right?

        Also, I assumed that the original CDG was basically just a temp file, used to convert to MP3 using CDGRip. Then Step 2 was to use Kanto Video Creator to convert the MP3 to MP4. So, the only file needed on the thumb drive in the end would be the MP4??

        • Yes, you need to export file to MP4 formato for you Singing Machine.
          If the MP4 is not compatible with your SM, please contact us to [email protected] and we will send you a new version of the program, specifically designed to create MP4 for Singing Machine.

  8. I converted my cdg +mp3 to mp4 and it won’t work on my tv trough my karaoke machine I put them on a USB because my karaoke machine is digital. How can I fix this?

  9. I have downloaded files in MP3 + CDG format and they have come in a zip folder to my computer. If I use this program to convert those files, will I be able to save the files to an SD card and play that card in my karaoke player that plays SD cards? It came with a card with a bunch of songs, but I want different songs and have no idea how to get them in there!! Thanks

  10. I downloaded Kanto Karaoke video creator. I have mp3+cdg’s and when I tried to convert the cdg, I it gets to 20% and says it was successful, But when I play the mp4, I get “this file isn’t playable…

    I was really hoping this worked good. I have a lot of files I want to convert to use in my daughters Sing Machine. Granted, this is a trial version, but I won’t buy it if it does not work. The files are on my hard drive and not external. What am I doing wrong?

  11. If I convert my files with this program will I be able to play them on my iPad?

  12. Can I download some of my karaoke songs onto a playlist and save it to a usb flash drive? If so, what is the best kind of flash drive to buy?

    • All kind of flash drive are good for this purpose

  13. I have purchased the full version of this program, I have a folder which has around 30 .CDG files and also the audio files to correspond to the .cdg when I put all the files with the add file feature it will only convert the first input files to mp4. How do I convert the entire folder as in Batch conversions?

  14. Just created a .CDG song format with KHP (MTU Home Producer) I’m try to covert it using Kanto Karaoke software but it doesn’t convert it. The message that I get is: Can’t create encoder” What am I doing wrong?

    • Be sure you have both .cdg and .mp3 file before start the conversion.

  15. How do I get it to stop fading out…I do NOT hear it when I play the preview Output song but when I play it after I have Exported it and saved it…IT FADES out and I don’t want that??

  16. Have an issue with conversion and video very pixelated and unreadable from a CGD disk and just normal play back

  17. I added the folder with mp3 and cdg files, but keep getting a “can’t create encoder” message. What do I need to do?

    • That errors means that the file is not supported for conversion. Maybe it is in wav+cdg format and not mp3+cdg, or it is corrupted…
      Delete from batch process and go on…

      • all of the files are cdg and mp3. It will not convert any of them, out of about 33,000 files. Same error, every time.

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