How to Merge Audio Files (Kar, Mid, MP3) to create Medley

How to Merge Audio Files (Kar, Mid, MP3) to create Medley

Are you a DJ or Karaoke fan? Do you want to create Medley of karaoke songs joining your kar, mid or mp3 files? In this post you can find the best solution to merge your audio files (kar, mid, mp3) and create your favorite medley songs. If you have video karaoke (e.g MP4 Karaoke songs) we suggest to read this post: how to merge video karaoke songs

We have two powerful apps for this purpose.


The first software that we recommend to use it KANTO AUDIO MIX, which as the name suggests allows you to create medley with mixage effect.

Step 1: Download and install the program (free trial) from the following link:

Download Audio Mix (5MB)

Step 2: Open the program and import the songs you want to join/mix. You will see the track of songs in the main panel of the program.


Step 3: Cut each songs imported simply by moving the sliders “start” and “end” on the chart waves. For each track, you can also set the duration in milliseconds of the initial fade (fade in) and final fade (fade out) and decide whether or not to activate the crossfade. The crossfade allows you to fade one source out while fading another source in at the same time. In the default settings the crossfade is active. For each track you can click the Play button to make sure you have properly chosen instants of start and end.

Step 4: You can hear the preview of the complete medley by clicking the right button “PREVIEW OUTPUT SONG” and if you’re happy then click on “EXPORT AND SAVE THE SONG”

NB: The trial version of Kanto Audio Mix has a demo voice in the output every 60 seconds. Purcahse the license to remove this limitation.


The second software we recommend is Kanto Audio Editor, ideal if you want to join midi and mp3 karaoke and preserve in the output file the karaoke lyrics!

Download Kanto Audio Editor (9MB)

Step 1. Install and open Kanto Audio Editor

Main Screenshot:


Click on the left on KARAOKE MERGER button. It will open this new window:


Step 2. Add your audio files to merge (mid, kar and mp3 files)

Click on top right on ADD to select the songs (.mid, .kar o .mp3) that you want to combine to create a medley.


Step 3. Create the Medley (in MP3)

Once you added the songs, you can select the following option:
> Preserve Lyrics: it allows you to preserve the karaoke lyrics in the output mp3 file. You will be able to see the mp3 lyrics using the software Kanto Karaoke Player

> Remove Channel 4: it allows you to remove the vocals and melody channel from the songs, so that you will generate a “clean” mp3 audio file.

Click on “CHANGE” if you want to set a different output folder.

Finally, click on SAVE NEW FILE and Kanto Audio Editor will merge your audio files.

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