How to Synchronize Lyrics to MP3

How to Synchronize Lyrics to MP3

We received a lot of questions like this: how to add synchronized lyrics to a mp3 file? I have been searching for adding lyrics to mp3 for a long time but I still have not found satisfactory results…

Now, finally, we have the answer. Thanks to KANTO SYNCRO you’ll be able to syncronize lyrics to mp3 and create professional mp3-karaoke files. This is the best for people who loves to sing a song along with the karaoke. Besides the mp3 format, this software allows you to create karaoke video from mp3 too!

How to Synchronize Lyrics to MP3

Step 1. Install Kanto Syncro

Download now the free trial version:


Install and run Kanto Syncro on yout PC. This is the first window you’ll see:


Click FREE TRIAL button to open the main screen of the software

Step 2. Import Lyrics and MP3

From the next screen:

load on the folder icon to load the mp3 files that will be synchronized with lyrics.


On the left of the main screen click on “Load from Text File” or “Copy & Paste” to add the lyrics in the editor.

Spet 3. Synchronize Lyrics to MP3

Click START SYNCRO button on the left to start playing the MP3 song.
Now be careful: click on SET button to synchronize each lyrics word to the MP3.


Click UNDO button to cancel any click and repeat.
At the end of the synchronization click STOP SYNCRO and the on PREVIEW button to see the result before saving the mp3-karaoke file on your PC

Step 4. Save the MP3 with lyrics

After synchronization click on FINISH & SAVE button.
You’ll see this output window:


You will be able to choose from:

  1. MP3 format (with synchronized lytics and playable with Kanto Karaoke Player software)
  2. MP4 Video format
  3. AVI Video format (high video/audio quality but higher size)

Click on MP3 icon to save the MP3 karaoke file on your PC.

NB: If you are using the “unregistered” version, the program will save only the first 60 seconds of the synchronized lyrics. To remove this limit you need to purchase the program.
That’s all!





  1. can we add visible timer to the visual?

    • Sorry, it is not possible

  2. I just purchased your software.
    How do I input a title to the Karaoke Video I am about to create ?

    • You can simply add some text at the beginning of the song (before the song lyrics) to input a title and other details. For example:

      ******* TITLE VIDEO KARAOKE ******
      ** (Artist/Album Name) **
      *** Synchronized by xxxxxxxxxxx ****
      … lyrics of the song…

      In this way you will have all info of the song before the lyrics.
      One of our customer made this for his youtube channel, you can check it here:

  3. Can you create a karaoke medley with zip files? If now how to?

    • No, it is not possible

  4. How can I change the size on the font?

    • From Options you can change the font… there are some font bigger than others

  5. I want a lyrics editor or maker and lyrics sycncronizern which can float lyrics in music. The same in musixmatch application does. But I want my own lyrics maker like them can you please help me with that

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