How to Add Lyrics to Midi File

How to Add Lyrics to Midi File

I want to add lyrics to an existing MIDI file, how can I do this? How is it possible to synchronize lyrics to a midi file? Is there a software able to add lyrics to a midi file to create a karaoke file?

The best answer to all these questions is KANTO SYNCROThanks to this app yu’ll be able to add lyrics to midi and create professional midi-karaoke files. If you have downloaded free midi songs from, now you can add lyrics to the midi files and create beautiful karaoke songs (with text) in MP3 format or video format (AVI or MP4).

How to Add Lyrics to Midi

Step 1. Download and install Kanto Syncro

Download now the free trial version:


Run Kanto Syncro on your PC (Windows 11/10 supported too). This is the main screen you’ll see:


Click FREE TRIAL button to try-before-purchase this software. The free trial version of Kanto Syncro will allow you to create 60-sec karaoke songs.

Step 2. Import Lyrics and Midi

You will see this new screen:


Click on central icon to load the MIDI file to synchronize with lyrics (txt file):


From the left of the main screen click on “Load from Text File” or “Copy & Paste” to add the lyrics in the app.

Step 3. Add Lyrics to Midi

Click START SYNCRO button to play the MIDI song. Now be careful: click on SET button to synchronize and add lyrics to the Midi file.


When the song finish, click STOP SYNCRO and then click on PREVIEW button to see the result before saving the midi-karaoke file on your PC.

Step 4. Save the Karaoke file created

After synchronization click on FINISH & SAVE button.
You’ll have the possibility to save the karaoke file in three output format: MP3, AVI or MP4


All these karaoke songs could be playable with Kanto Karaoke Player software, one of the best karaoke software available on the web.

NB: With the free trial (“unregistered” version) you can save only the first 60 seconds of the synchronized song. To remove this limit you need to purchase the program.

You could be intrested also in this guide: how to add lyrics to MP3 file and create mp3-karaoke songs


  1. Why can’t you save the file on midi format ? I need this to be possible if i am to buy this app. Thanks

    • At the moment the supported output formats are mp3, video mp4, video avi

    • Agree… I too would buy this If I could save as a midi file to use on
      Yamaha keyboards.

  2. This program will not even save as a KAR file? I need to add lyrics to my Midi backing tracks.

    • It saves in mp3 file.

    • It save in MP3 with lyrics format or video karaoke format.

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